joey carman photography | About
“There is an emotion to be evoked by any image. It is that emotion that drives me to do more than capture a beautiful image. It is the connection of the soul that colors my photography.”

I want to be me, JOEY, not a photographer that has a lot of bravado that lacks passion! Rather, if you ask any of my clients Joey is funny, a little on the “goofy” side... (ok, a lot on the goofy side), a whole lot of ROCK N’ ROLL meets Vanity Fair, 99% artists 1% MAD, stick his neck-out, wears his heart on his sleeve, out there a bit kind of guy with a love for fashion, wine, art, storytelling and the people that color his photography. YOU.

Take a look around on my site, put your feet up and read my blog...get to know me and I guarantee you I am no where near who you think I am - I am so much more.

Live longer, photograph something beautiful and hold it up to your heart.” -joey carman